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Board of Directors

President: Jen Weiler

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I am a certified hearing interpreter with 21 years of experience. I’ve been involved on the SaVRID board in previous years as both Vice President and Member at Large. I am interested in real change that benefits members of SaVRID and Deaf and DeafBlind communities. My role as President is to serve you, so the more involved you are, the more this organization will be shaped in a way that reflects your interests. I hope to see you and many others at our upcoming meetings.

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Vice-President: Cindy Farnham

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Hello! I am Cindy Farnham, your new Vice President. My experience includes being an interpreter, mentor and teacher. I teach at American River College in our Interpreter Preparation Program. I have been involved with SaVRID for many years, serving three times, including the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and President. Now I am serving a 4th time as Vice President. Also, I served on the Board of CIT, the Conference of Interpreter Trainers three times in the same positions, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President. I look forward to working within the Board and working with the general membership. I want to offer my thoughts, my ideas and my work to the organization. I also want to provide support to our President, Board and membership. I look forward to serving you. If you need anything, let me know. Contact me and I will do my best to support you. Thank you!

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Treasurer: Lisa Lindquist

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As a recent graduate of the ARC Interpreter Preparation Program I started serving on the SaVRID Board as treasurer in May 2020. Over the last year I have enjoyed learning my role on the Board of Directors, as well as getting to know the Sacramento Deaf Community and the local interpreters. Coming into this role I did not have very much experience in professional financial record keeping, and I am very grateful for the guidance and mentorship from Rachel Kleist, Sarah Himmelmann, and Cindy Farnham that has helped me to be effective and efficient in this role. I am excited to continue serving SaVRID for another year!

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Secretary: Bill Sylliaasen-Lee

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Visual description: Light gray background - white male with red hair parted on the side, wearing a dark gray polo shirt, with blue glasses.

Hello, my name is Bill Sylliaasen-Lee. My pronouns are he/him. I’m a husband, a Father, but most importantly I’m a PaPa. I’ve been a nationally certified interpreter for over 25 years; most of that 25 years has been interpreting in the K-12 setting. I’m a strong advocate for educational interpreters, and I will continue to be. My role for this Board is Secretary. I will be Secretary for the remainder of this term, which ends in May 2023. My previous Board experience was two years as Secretary and additional two years as Parliamentarian. I’m excited to work with this Board and for the Sacramento community.

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Image description:  Light gray background - white male with red hair parted on the side, wearing a dark gray polo shirt.

Member-At-Large, Deaf: Julia Eichelberger

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Video Description: white background with brown frames, white lady in black shirt purple eyeglasses and long brown hair

Julia Eichelberger name sign Julia

I’m your deaf mal looking forward to work with you all.

Me do now? Freelance interpreter.

Have certification from IPP program at arc also bachelors in psychology from Gallaudet.

me work now as FL interpreter in various location. Enjoy work

Hobby: vary. Painting usually do on the go. Also Netflix binge to relax and let go of reality.

Looking forward working with you all!

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Member-At-Large, Diversity Advocate: Leang Ngov

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Visual description: Grey background. Southeast Asian person here with long dark hair in a dark blue shirt, and black jacket with the glasses on.

Hi, my name is Leang Ngov. This is my sign name. My pronouns are she/they. I am Deaf and also Deaf interpreter. I just graduated from American River College's interpreting program last May. My current position with the SaVRID board is Diversity MAL. It is my first time to serve on the SaVRID board, which I feel honored to do so. I am also excited to bring my perspective as a local community member, as a Deaf member, as a BIPOC person, who grew up here in Sacramento and mainstreamed. I hope to see you at the future meetings.

Email Diversity MAL at

Image Description: Southeast Asian person with long dark brown hair in light grey shirt is smiling at the camera with one arm behind head

Member-At-Large, Student Involvement Program: Vacant

Email at

Member-At-Large, Communications & Membership: Mallory Cross

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Visual description: Grey wall, grey carpet, plants on both sides of me. I am a white person with brown hair, green glasses, septum piercing, and a brown/purple shirt.

Hello my name is Mallory Cross. I am a non binary person. I am a Member at Large-Membership and Communications. This means that I monitor our member lists and meeting attendees. I also send out emails and post on our social media. A little about me, I graduated from RIT/NTID in 2016 with my interpreting degree, and became certified in 2018. While I was living and working in DC, I began mentoring interpreting students as well and I really found a lot of joy from it. I try my best to focus on queer, non binary, and trans students. When I was going through my coursework at RIT, I didn’t not know any trans interpreters, so now that I am a working interpreter, I want to be what I didn’t have. I moved here in 2021 so I am still very new to town. I have found that Sacramento has a rich interpreting history. After moving here, I did push myself into this community. Clearly, because now I’m on the board! Thank you for your trust and willingness to take a risk with me. I look forward to working with you all and meeting more of you to chat more about our community. Thank you.

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Member-At-Large, Professional Development: Erica West Oyedele (she/they)

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Video and image description: Black woman with long black braids, wearing an orange v neck shirt and gray blazer jacket sits in front of a blue background.

Hello SaVRID community. I am Erica West Oyedele. I am a hearing certified interpreter and identify as a Black cis-gender woman. I've just joined the SaVRID board as Member-at-Large and chair for the professional development committee (PDC). A little about me, I have been working as a professional interpreter in the Sacramento area since 2004 and I am currently working as professor and program coordinator for the ASL-English Interpreting program at American River College. I look forward to serving you in my role as PDC chair, providing events, trainings, and workshops that elevate the skills of all interpreters within the Sacramento region.

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Member-At-Large, Deaf-Parented Interpreter: Josh Anderson

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Visual Description: Light gray background, long sleeve black dress shirt with buttons, caucasian with brown hair male.

Hello! My name is Josh Anderson and I am the current Deaf Parented Interpreter-MAL. My pronouns are He/Him. I am a CODA and was raised in the Deaf community. Deaf culture is a part of who I am. I am a Gay man who is white & hispanic. I have been Interpreting for almost 8 years and have enjoyed my career as an Interpreter. I look forward to working with members and the current SAVRID board. Thank you for watching!

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Member-At-Large, Special Projects: Sebastian

More info about Sebastian coming soon!

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Member-At-Large, Events and Fundraising: Brandon Marin

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SaVRID, P.O. Box 255084, Sacramento, CA 95865-5084
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