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President Jenny McLean, Sitting on a bench with a white wall behind her. Long straight brown hair past her shoulders, tucked behind one ear. Blue eyes. Grey V-neck sweater over grey T-shirt. Long gold necklace, and gold dangling earrings.
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ASL Version: https://youtu.be/Bwo6ZFR69U8

Hello, I am Jenny McLean, the current president of SaVRID. My roles and responsibilities are to pretty much oversee the whole organization. Really, important for me … is to have a safe environment to openly share ideas & opinions. When you have a safe environment, you are allowed the opportunity to open up and share what you feel would benefit the interpreting field.

Respect for all that are involved: the board, the membership, is extremely important. If there is no respect, people will not open up, which in return doesn’t allow people to help SaVRID and the community become better. Therefore, one of my goals is a positive culture.

I run board meetings and general meetings. I have to set up rules, protocols and procedures to make sure that the meetings run smoothly. I am also involved in bi-monthly Region V, Affiliate Chapter Meetings on line (in ASL). We follow an agenda and prepare what we want to talk about / share, whether it is about conferences that are coming up or share ideas we may have. Bouncing ideas off of each other is good, so that we don’t reinvent the wheel. Ya know.

Collaboration with other agencies and organizations is key. When you do, it is a win win situation AND it benefits our interpreting field.

I (along with the full board) update our PPM (Policies and Procedure Manual). We make sure that it shows how and what we do as a board member to make things run smoothly and better.

Really, honestly .. overseeing an organization isn’t complicated, but most important is the full board itself. Can the board work together in helping me successfully meet the mission of the organization and take on duties, ideas and their roles to its completion? It is extremely important for the Executive board (me, VP, Secretary and Treasurer) to work closely together with open communication. Also, the 4 current Members-at-Large help immensely too (with their time, work and energy).

I honestly couldn’t do my job running this organization without the full board. They help me a lot.

Anyway … that is a quick summary of what I do as the president . I hope you can get a small glimpse of what I do (kinda). :)

SaVRID, P.O. Box 255084, Sacramento, CA 95865-5084
Email the board at contactus@savrid.org

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